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Founded by a team of MIT & Google alumni, FIRM clean energy develops utility-scale renewable energy projects optimized to resolve the intermittency & integration challenges that have historically limited the ability for renewable energy to reliably & cost-effectively displace legacy fossil-fired generation.



Leverage Distributed Utility-Scale projects with integrated energy storage to deliver a superior value proposition to host communities, project investors and offtakers.


​1) Data-Analytics & Decision Support: FIRM clean energy employs a centralized decision support system to empower a de-centralized team with design optimization methodologies, and analytics as well as the domain expertise & resources necessary to identify and execute on superior project opportunities. 

2) Development Philosophy: FIRM clean energy's development philosophy is engineered to encourage imagination, rigor and creative problem-solving as a means to deliver protagonist projects.

3) Our Team: FIRM clean energy team members collectively bring >1 GW of successful completion of utility-scale wind, solar & energy storage projects both internationally and domestically. 

FIRM clean energy conceives, incubates, designs, and develops disrtributed utility-scale renewable energy projects in the USA and around the world.   

Our incubation process relies heavily on direct engagement with stakeholders to identify potential projects that provide long-term economic, electricity, and environmental value under a range of engineering, system planning, and macro-economic scenarios. We then subject such projects to rigorous fatal-flaw and feasibility scrutiny, and examine the project’s environmental attributes, community impacts and its broader political and economic profile.  We reject projects that don’t meet our standards.

For those projects that survive the our incubation process , FIRM will commence the development process which continues through the close of construction financing.  FIRM engages with a broad spectrum of power industry participants during the development process including;

 i) Off-takers to purchase the power;

ii) Governmental officials to make certain that it is consistent with larger policy objectives;

iii) Regulators to secure the necessary approvals;

iv) Environmental, community, and business groups to understand their views and gain their support;

v) Equipment vendors to prepare them for expected orders; 

vi) Debt and equity investors to prepare them for the anticipated investment opportunity.  


A typical FIRM clean energy project begins to generate renewable electricity within 24-36 months from the start of development.

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